The 20-Slot Smartphone Chassis for Mobile Servers, Click Farms, and Crypto Mining

A New Solution for Those in the Mobile Server, Click Farm, and Crypto Phone Mining Space.

This innovative chassis offers 20 slots for Android smartphones, seamlessly integrating with a custom motherboard designed for a DIY setup. Equipped with a powerful 200W 5V output PSU, the trig can support up to 20 smartphones simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance for mining crypto with phones as well as custom phone servers.

This smartphone chassis is an ideal foundation for anyone looking to create a dedicated phone mining rig or a home server using their existing smartphone hardware. This chassis is not only versatile but also energy-efficient and space-saving, enabling users to maximize their mobile computing power for crypto mining. Its specifications include a length of 32cm, width of 22cm, and height of 14cm, making it compact yet robust.

The switchable AC PSU is compatible with 240v and 120v AC power installations, and can be switched from 230v to 115v, providing flexibility for different power setups. Additionally, the chassis kit includes stub USBs for data transfer and BMS cables for power. With its custom ARM motherboard featuring a 5v output and WiFi 802.11b/g/n, the CellHasher chassis ensures seamless data management and connectivity for efficient phone crypto mining operations.