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CellHasher Classic Smartphone Chassis (Switchable AC PSU)

CellHasher Classic Smartphone Chassis (Switchable AC PSU)

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The CellHasher Classic Smartphone Chassis

Our unit is a cutting-edge solution designed for enthusiasts and professionals in the mobile server and cryptocurrency mining space. This compact and robust chassis provides 20 slots for Android smartphones, integrating seamlessly with a custom motherboard tailored for DIY setup. 

Equipped with a powerful 200W 5V output PSU, it can support up to 20 smartphones simultaneously, ensuring optimal performance for home phone servers or phone crypto mining (Verus).

The Classic Smartphone Chassis is the perfect foundation for anyone looking to create a dedicated mining rig or a home server with their existing smartphone hardware. It's a versatile, energy-efficient, and space-saving solution that empowers users to take full advantage of mobile computing power.

Length: 32cm.
Width: 22cm.
Hight: 14cm.

Switchable AC PSU: 
- Works with 240v & 120v AC Power Installations.
- Switchable PSU from 230v - 115v.

Stub USBs Included. (Data Only, Power comes from BMS cables)
Data to USB Included. (Manage from Computer)

Custom ARM Motherboard:

- 5v Output.
- WiFi 802.11b/g/n
- Onboard Data.


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